Plastic Tubes

LAGEENTUBES offers a wide range of highly decorated PE-based plastic tubes.

Plastic tubing is the preferred container for cosmetic, hair care, personal care and semi-pharma products. Thanks to its “physical memory”, the plastic tube retains the original shape after each “squeeze” and maintains a fresh, high-end look.

LAGEENTUBES uses different types of PE to suit the inner filling and provide the best case holder for the specific use.

LAGEENTUBES offers mono-layer, two-layer (asymmetric) and multi-layer tubes. The different types allow for different barrier levels, decorations and visual effects.

Additionally, LAGEENTUBES proudly offers Eco-Friendly tubes solutions.

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Mono Layer Tubes

This type of tube can be used for various creams, soaps, exfoliants and ointments. It is the most common type, and it can be produced out of 100% LDPE, 100% HDPE, or a combination of the two.
The rigidity of the tube will vary according to the chosen material.

Two Layer Tubes

This type of tube achieves special metallic and pearly affects. This product involves a unique production process. An asymmetric two-layer tube results when the inner layer contains the requested color and the outer layer the special effect.

Multi Layer Tubes

This five-layer tube provides the best barrier a plastic tube can offer. It is mainly used for products sensitive to oxygenation. Our co-extruded tubes are based on 100% LDPE and therefore have a soft texture.

PE Based Sugar Cane Tubes

This tube is made from 100% virgin sugarcane resin, therefore it is eco-friendly and sustainable. In addition to the advantages of using renewable materials, these green tubes are 100% recyclable with PE. The properties of the tubes are similar to standard polyethylene tubes, which are considered suitable for use as packaging for personal care, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

Crystal Clear Tubes

The crystal clear tube is a mono-layer sleeve produced with a more transparent raw material compared to our standard natural sleeve. It is very effective when the color and the texture of the filling play a part in the decoration. It looks clean, crisp and clear.