7 12, 2020


07/12/2020|Exhibition, InnovationsRaw material|

  LAGEENTUBES provides not only a wide range of tube packaging solutions, but also takes an active part in various environmental activities. “PE tubes - recyclability and good practices in line with Plastics Packaging Strategy” was proudly presented by Mr. Piotr Landyczkowski, LAGEENTUBES’ CEE Sales Representative at the Experts Meeting “Inside the Plastic Strategy”

18 05, 2019


18/05/2019|Exhibition, InnovationsRaw material|

LAGEENTUBES is taking the next step towards a full Green Packaging Solution and proudly offers the innovative INNO-GREENPACK Tube made of PCR & SUGARCANE LAGEEENTUBES strives to supply the GREEN-FREEDOM solutions to its customers and keeps developing environmental products using ECO friendly materials and a sustainable production process. LAGEENTUBES is proud to be the first

7 05, 2019

AGILITY – The critical key success factor towards sales growth


The dynamic business arena dictates different pillars of generating sales: Be more creative and build an impactful brand Quick product development to cater the changing needs of the customer Efficient and agile supply chain The answer for those pillars is to adopt the Agility approach. LAGEENTUBES created for you a set of solutions that easily

19 06, 2019

Supply On Demand – LAGEENTUBES support ABACUS’ CBDMEDIC™ products sales growth


Abacus is developing a range of innovative products based on patent-pending technologies which combine natural and organic ingredients, including a cannabinoid-rich extract containing CBD from the Cannabis sativa L plant. A number of US retail chains, including Kinney Drugs, SuperValu, Tops Markets, and CVS have decided to recently launch CBD programs in thousands of stores,

7 04, 2019

LAGEEN TUBES proudly offers Eco Friendly PCR TUBE Packaging

07/04/2019|InnovationsRaw material|

DELIVERING THE BEST SOLUTIONS TO OUR CUSTOMERS, WHILST REDUCING OUR ENVIRONMENTAL CARBON FOOTPRINT & INCREASING OUR CUSTOMERS’ SOCIAL IMPACT. LageenTubes is proud to offer its new Post Consumer Resin (PCR) tube packaging strengthening our commitment to the GREEN-FREEDOM packaging solutions. The environmentally friendly PCR resin is made from recycled and cleaned milk containers and as

7 04, 2019

CARELINE, a cosmetic and toiletries company, has chosen LAGEENTUBES’ 360˚ UNLIMITED DESIGN FREEDOM tubes for its CARELINE SPRING collection

07/04/2019|Decoration, DigitalInnovations|

CARELINE, a Cosmetic and toiletries company, who delivers a wide range of products to allow accessibility to each and every one, has chosen LAGEENTUBES’ 360˚ UNLIMITED DESIGN FREEDOM tube for its CARELINE SPRING hand cream collection. CARELINE was inspired by the luxury concept stores for special treatment that delivers a gentle & feminine, as well

20 01, 2019

Visit us at Packaging Innovations Birmingham 2019 stand C23

20/01/2019|Decoration, Digital, Exhibition, Innovations, Media, Raw material|

Discover a whole new world of tube decoration. We're proud to introduce our SUSTAINABLE DIGITIZED TUBE made of Sugarcane PE with direct End-to-End digital printing. Packaging Innovations 27-28 February 2019, NEC Birmingham, stand C23 Contact Us UK & Ireland Sales Agent- Rob Thompson Phone: +44 (0) 1424 219 129 Mobile: +44(0)

23 12, 2018


23/12/2018|Decoration, Digital, Innovations, Media, Raw material|

Now, for the first time in the world of cosmetics packaging, LAGEENTUBES introduces a revolutionary new direct Digital Printing process on GREEN Plastic Tubes. The freedom to design whatever you want using the latest in digital printing technology for cosmetics tubes is now available on our sustainable eco-friendly tubes – GREEN FREEDOM is now available

12 11, 2018

New SoftFeel™ Effect for skincare tube packaging

12/11/2018|Decoration, Flexo, Innovations, Media|

LAGEENTUBES is launching the new LOOK & FEEL series for skincare tube packaging. Now with the SOFT FEEL surface you can provide your customer with a unique soft touch sensation that demonstrates the softness of the cream inside the packaging. Imagine a silky & gentle feel, on top of a clean, luxurious decorated tube to

17 07, 2018

LAGEENTUBES kicks off the digital revolution for tube packaging – With the first solution for digital printing direct-to-shape on plastic tubes

17/07/2018|Digital, Innovations, Media|

Press Release LAGEENTUBES Israel, 6 June, 2018 – LAGEENTUBES is excited to announce the launch of revolutionary direct-to-shape digital decoration on extruded plastic tubes. Having recently installed an all-new digital printing solution for direct printing on tubes, LAGEENTUBES is the first extruded plastic tube manufacturer in the world to offer fully digital, truly end-to-end digital

26 06, 2018

LAGEENTUBES unveiled its first plastic tubes fully and directly decorated by digital printing

26/06/2018|Decoration, Digital, InnovationsMedia|

LAGEENTUBES unveiled its first plastic tubes fully and directly decorated by digital printing Cosmetic Business, Munich June 2018 We introduced two major new developments at this year's Cosmetic Business show – innovative digital decoration capabilities for plastic tubes; and new representation in Germany. The show was an excellent opportunity to introduce our new capabilities

29 04, 2018

See us at PLMA Amsterdam 29-30 May 2018

29/04/2018|Innovations, MediaRaw material|

LAGEENTUBES will present its latest innovations in the plastic tubes segment. Visit us at Stand 812 (Holland Hall) RAI exhibition center, AMSTERDAM

29 04, 2018

See us at Cosmetic Business Munich 6-7 June, 2018

29/04/2018|Digital, Exhibition, InnovationsMedia|

Discover a whole new world of DIGITAL tube decoration. Welcome to the beginning of unprecedented design freedom enabled by revolutionary direct digital printing on plastic tubes, brought to you exclusively by LAGEENTUBES. Cosmetic Business 6-7 June 2018, Munich Hall 2 Stand B19 Germany Sales Agent Philipp M. Eckardt Mobile: +49 (0)160 -

13 12, 2017

NEW! Peek-In cosmetic tube

13/12/2017|Decoration, Dry Offset, Hot Stamping, Innovations, Media, Silk Screen|

NEW! Peek-In cosmetic tube - Create a window to your product LAGEENTUBES opens a whole new world of consumer experience with its unique Peek-In window tube design. Today’s consumers want to be part of the product experience from their first interaction. They want reassurance about what they’re buying, how the product looks, and

25 09, 2017

New Pick a Pack online design tool – Get a 360° view of your product – in 3D

25/09/2017|Decoration, Dry Offset, Flexo, Hot Stamping, Innovations, MediaSilk Screen|

LAGEENTUBES is proud to announce Pick a Pack – A powerful, yet easy-to-use tool that will help you design the best-looking tube to support your product and brand.

4 07, 2017

LAGEEN Tubes at Cosmetic Business exhibition in Munich, June 21-22 2017

04/07/2017|Decoration, Dry Offset, Hot Stamping, Innovations, Media, Raw material, Silk Screen|

LAGEEN Tubes proudly presented at the Cosmetic Business - Munich its latest innovation – the CrystalClear™ tubes. The CrystalClear™ tubes grant our customers the privilege to present highly transparent effect and achieve luxurious look & feel packaging. Printing patents allow you to also choose CrystalClear™ tube with 360° hot stamping with different colors and a

26 04, 2017

April, 2017 – LAGEENTUBES Presents: NEW, Special caps you can choose for your unique brand

26/04/2017|Decoration, Innovations, Media|

April, 2017 - LAGEENTUBES Presents: NEW special caps you can choose for your unique brand

29 03, 2017

LAGENTUBES presents: The NEW “CrystalClear™” plastic tube for the cosmetics and personal care brands.

29/03/2017|Decoration, Dry Offset, Hot Stamping, Innovations, Media, Raw materialSilk Screen|

The outstanding “CrystalClear™” PE tube delivers transparency that has never been seen before in the market. You can choose a fully transparent tube so your product can glow through the “CrystalClear™” tube, so the consumer can almost feel the bubbles on his/her skin. Printing patents allow you to also choose “CrystalClear™” tube with 360°

5 03, 2017

LageenTubes the “Packaging Innovation” exhibition

05/03/2017|Exhibition, Flexo, Hot Stamping, Innovations, Media|

Photos from the “Packaging Innovation” exhibition in Birmingham, UK, 1-2, March, 2017.

2 10, 2016

solution for Metallic tubes.

02/10/2016|Decoration, Flexo, Hot Stamping, Innovations, MediaMetallicPlast|

Lageentubes has created its daring solution for Metallic tubes. Lageentubes has created its breakthrough alternative solution for Metallic tubes. Utilizing our new inline tube line which has the unique capability of combining hot stamping, flexo printing, silk screen-printing and varnishing all inline on the same printing platform, we can create the state-of-the-art tubes that rival

2 10, 2016

Bio-Plastic New Sugarcane tube

02/10/2016|Dry Offset, Innovations, MediaRaw material|

LAGEENTUBES presents the new Bio-Plastic New Sugarcane tube. The Bio-Plastic tube PLMA Show Chicago 2012 – LAGGENTUBES presents the new Bio-Plastic New Sugarcane tube. The Bio-Plastic tube innovation is integral part of LAGEENTUBES’ commitment to contribute to a better and more sustainable world. Keeping the same holding properties as PE tubes, the Bio-Plastic Sugarcane

2 10, 2016

plastic tube with metallic printing

02/10/2016|Decoration, Flexo, Hot Stamping, Innovations, MediaMetallicPlast|

MetallicPlast™ introducing the new stunning plastic tube with metallic printing LAGEENTUBES‘ latest cosmetics innovation – MetallicPlast™ introducing the new stunning plastic tube with metallic printing. Due to the new cutting edge technology and 50 years expertise in plastic tube manufacturing, LAGEENTUBES is presenting  the best and extremely realistic metallic appearance  of metal effects ever

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