The management of LAGEENTUBES believes in the quality and safety of its products as a key factor for the company’s success. Our proven devotion to these values has made us a leading company in the field of packaging.

From the inspection of all materials, through the strict online process controls, all the way to the finished product inspection, LAGEENTUBES guarantees that the customer receives the best quality products.

LAGEENTUBES is committed to developing, producing and supplying products according to the following:

  • Quality and safety requirements of customers and consumers
  • International standards
  • Best available technology and know-how
  • Relevant legislation requirements

The company works with suppliers and sub-contractors who implement the ISO and comply with LAGEENTUBES requirements.

To find the Drug Master File for LAGEENTUBES, please see the following links:

  • Plastic tubes – DMF No. 14262
  • Aluminum tubes – DMF No.  13167

LAGEENTUBES’ management and employees constantly collaborate in the ongoing improvement of the quality of the products, processes and services.

Implementing the highest safety measures for workers and protecting the environment during production is a main concern of the company.

The management is committed to maintaining the training and certification systems at all levels of the company.

The company sets periodic goals and objectives for both management and production. These goals include the quality and safety of the product, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing quality cost (wastage, rejects).

The quality management system and its objectives are set and reviewed once a year during management audits, to make sure they are effective and up to date.

Lageentubes verified quality at all times.


ISO 9001

Quality Management System


ISO 15378

Primary packaging for pharmaceuticals in accordance with the GMP rules



(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)


ISO 14001

Environmental Management Systems


ISO 45001

Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard



We comply with the most advanced pharmaceutical requirements for packaging (e.g. FDA Drug Master File): Plastic tubes – DMF No. 14262, Aluminum tubes – DMF No. 13167

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