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LAGEENTUBES employs specially trained professionals who work together to provide our customers with product differentiation packaging that stands out with its superior shelf presence. The high level of retention and professionalism are key factors in the quality and reliability of our packaging tubes.

We value our people, their knowledge and their experience. That is why we continuously invest in training them in the most updated technologies and managing methodologies, so they can work collaboratively with our customers in a way that exceeds their expectations.


Yoav Grinberg
Yoav GrinbergCEO
Lior Dudaie
Lior DudaieBusiness Unit Director
Sophie M. Zer-Aviv
Sophie M. Zer-AvivIsrael and South Europe Sales & Marketing Director
Iftach Sachar
Iftach Sachar International Sales & Marketing Director
Israela Hayam
Israela HayamChief Technologist & Product Development Director
Liran Zach
Liran ZachChief Operations Officer
Yoni Keinan
Yoni KeinanPrinting Manager
Yehuda Pinchasi
Yehuda Pinchasi HR Director


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