LAGEENTUBES involves the entire company in our Corporate Social Responsibility policy: operations, product, employees, customers and suppliers. We have developed and established a comprehensive set of sustainable business initiatives that facilitate our CSR approach. We engage our employees actively in all of those sustainability initiatives: pro bono service, community engagement, diversity and environmental sustainability.

We continuously strive to optimize our natural resources, raw materials and energy; to reduce our impact on the environment; to improve our product recycling; to prevent health and safety incidents and accidents at work; to research weight reduction and green materials; and more, according to the LAGEENTUBES Environment Declaration:

As a leading packaging producer, LAGEENTUBES is committed to its employees’ safety and health, as well as that of the environment.

LAGEENTUBES promotes safety, aiming to achieve 0% accidents together with maintaining and protecting the environment. The company has executed a management system concerning Safety, Health and Environment Protection, while adopting the principles and applications of ISO 14001 and 18001 norms and complying with the law.

  1. LAGEENTUBES investigates the safety, health and environmental aspects of the production process. We provide infrastructures and resources, protection and monitoring appliances, a manual of instructions, and strive for the prevention of pollution to create a safe, healthy and hygienic working area.
  2. LAGEENTUBES runs prevention activities and risk-taken surveys to eliminate possible obstacles, minimize risks and accidents, and prevent environmental pollution.
  3. Every manager is committed to and responsible for its direct employees’ safety, health and working area. Every worker is responsible for his/her own safety and health, the process he/she controls, and eliminating environmental and safety obstacles.
  4. Every worker is obligated to report to the Safety and Environment Protection personnel and to his direct superior of any accidents, “near-accidents”, obstacles and infections in order to allow adequate corrective action and eliminate possible reoccurrences. Performance of corrective actions is a very important and powerful tool to improve the Safety, Health and Environment Protection systems.
  5. Both managers and employees are constantly working on improving the Health, Safety and Environment Protection systems, together with increasing the efficiency, recycling and economizing resources. The management level will promote and support responsible behavior related to Safety, Health and Environment Protection.
  6. LAGEENTUBES determines measurable targets for its Safety, Health and Environment Protection systems. These targets are reviewed periodically during the management survey meeting, and adjusted according to current demands.
  7. LAGEENTUBES promotes and supports social activities to continuously improve team communication.
  8. The manufacture of our products is associated with costs and emissions. We take care of natural resources by optimizing supply chains, our production processes and the life cycle of our packaging. We want to know what impact our business has on the environment, and what we can do to protect the environment to the best of our ability.
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