Brands are under increasing pressure from consumers and authorities to improve the environmental profile of their packaging.

As a result, many manufacturers have begun to restructure their packaging, to be in line with the 3 R’S pillars– Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Examples include cosmetics and skincare brands that are literally reducing packaging by eliminating cardboard boxes for individual tubes;

shops that providing customers with packaging that can be reused and refilled before being returned and recycled; and brands that are using recycled materials for varied types of packaging.

Now, with its new line of PCR Tubes, LAGEENTUBES offers a packaging solution that supports all three Rs.


Reuse, Reduce and Recycle with PCR Tubes

Post-consumer resin (PCR) is an environmentally friendly material made from recycled plastics in a process that the authorities such as the FDA has recognized as being safe for packaging that is in direct contact with food or cosmetics products. The process enables milk plastic bottles and other products to be recycled into pellets of PCR resin for reuse in other packaging, which can later be recycled as well.

LAGEENTUBES’ new PCR Tubes line includes mono, double and multi-layer tubes with a choice of PCR concentrations – 10%, 30% or 50%

– blended with polyolefins.

The new PCR line also includes Mono-Material PCR Tubes made of blended PCR PE and virgin PE, with the body, head and CAP all made of the same material.

All parts of LAGEENTUBES’ PCR Tubes and Mono-Material PCR Tubes are manufactured in-house at LAGEENTUBES.

They are available in a range of lengths and diameters.

By incorporating up to 50% PCR in the tube body and up to 100% PCR in the cap and head, LAGEENTUBES’ PCR Tubes reduce consumption of virgin raw material. They are 100% recyclable, and, in the case of the Mono-Material PCR Tubes, the tube and cap are recyclable together without the need to separate the tube and cap.

All LAGEENTUBES’ decoration technologies can be utilized with its PCR Tubes. As with all LAGEENTUBES products, high-quality decoration and excellent mechanical properties make PCR Tubes ideal as standalone packaging, reducing the need for individual cardboard boxes around every tube.

Natural skincare maker chooses PCR Tubes

Berrici Skincare, a boutique maker of natural cosmetic in Estonia, has adopted LAGEEN TUBES’ PCR Tubes for its entire product line. Seeking a more natural and environmentally responsible packaging solution, Berrici chose recyclable tubes made of a blend of food-grade PCR PE and sugarcane. The tubes use less new raw material than a standard tube, all of it extracted from a renewable source (sugarcane).


Berrici Skincare’s hand cream comes in LAGEENTUBES’ INNO-GREENPACK tube, made of blended PCR and sugarcane.

The attractive and soothing design echoes the nurturing nature of Berrici’s products.