A new revolution is presented by LAGEENTUBES.

Now for the first time in the world of cosmetics packaging, LAGEENTUBES is introducing a revolutionary direct Digital Printing on GREEN Plastic Tube.

The decoration freedom derived from the new digital printing technology for cosmetics tubes, now available on sustainable eco-friendly tube – the GREEN FREEDOM is here for you – the SUSTAINABLE DIGITIZED TUBE enables you an unprecedented Design FREEDOM.

Combining 2 major pillars of consumer experience, sustainability and the outstanding decoration through packaging, differentiates your brand . A sustainable eco-friendly packaging digitally printed design without limitations gives you the competitive advantage appreciated by your consumers.

For the first time, your eco-friendly tube can provide unique customer experience with End to end printing including the cap, 360˚ decoration without a gap or over- laps, unlimited customization including full personalization, Ultra realistic images, unlimited shades, gradients and half-tones.

All this design freedom now can be easily implemented on a Sugarcane tube:

  • Sugarcane tubes are produced from PE resin, using 100% virgin PE derived from Sugarcane, as a renewable raw material
  • Low carbon footprint emission – Sugarcane is one of the greatest carbon sinks existed. It metabolizes more CO2 to grow than most plants and trees and it regenerates by itself from its own roots.
  • The tube is fully recyclable.