LAGEENTUBES unveiled its first plastic tubes fully and directly decorated by digital printing

Cosmetic Business, Munich June 2018

We introduced two major new developments at this year’s Cosmetic Business show – innovative digital decoration capabilities for plastic tubes; and new representation in Germany. The show was an excellent opportunity to introduce our new capabilities to the European market and particularly to the German market.

Digital decoration

Visitors to the LAGEENTUBES booth were highly impressed by the innovative and unique designs created with digital decoration and were intrigued by the amazing possibilities it opens. In particular, the 360° end-to-end decoration, with no gap or overlap, and on-cap printing generated great enthusiasm.

Our groundbreaking digital decoration capabilities allow brands to unleash their imagination, to think about tube decoration in a whole new way, and to design tubes according to the new world of the DTS (Direct To Shape) digital decoration opportunities.
AHAVA, the well-known Dead Sea products brand, is our first partner to use this innovative technology.

New representative in Germany

At the show, we were proud to announce that Mr. Philipp M. Eckardt is now LAGEENTUBES’ representative in Germany, enabling us to serve the needs of the cosmetics sector in Germany.