PLMA Show Chicago 2012 – LAGGENTUBES presents the new Bio-Plastic New Sugarcane tube. The Bio-Plastic tube innovation is integral part of LAGEENTUBES’ commitment to contribute to a better and more sustainable world.

Keeping the same holding properties as PE tubes, the Bio-Plastic Sugarcane tube is considered suitable for use as a primary packaging for Personal Care, Cosmetic and Pharmaceuticals products. also, no new filling equipment or operational adjustments are needed.

  • Bio-Plastic – Sugarcane tubes are produced from PE resin, using 100% virgin PE derived from Sugarcane, a renewable raw material
  • Low carbon footprint emission – Sugarcane is one of the most greatest carbon sinks existed. It metabolizes more CO2 to grow than most planst and trees and it regenerates by itself from its own roots.
  • The tube is fully recyclable